Arbeitskreis Historie Kappel- Grafenhausen
Arbeitskreis HistorieKappel- Grafenhausen

Advice fort he wedding couple

Symphatie once brought you together.                Then more of it became, you soon felt that. According to the Tratition, you will marry now.      Let us hope that children will soon be laughing. You know you, you told me, for a few years, this is not an eternity.                                                          But you have tested yourself before you bind yourself, and now you want to find the meaning of life in marriage.                                                        You have been living together for some time now, but to this day, under your own name.                Such a marriage on probation is not wrong, because one has learned from some mistakes. Humor is when you laugh anyway, even if it crashes with you once.                                                      Because I can say this from my own experience, sometimes bad days come.                                  Then talk to each other in your own house.         And if you are worried, take them into your hands. not offended, and accepts the other's mistakes. Don't criticize other people, a mistake can happen to anyone once.                                                     Think of your wedding day every year, and give yourself a little bit in between.                             Don't let other people's whims determine your life. And don't bring trouble from work to the house. Give yourself a spontaneous kiss, and sometimes treat yourself to a shared pleasure.                        Not what you are gives you the value, but what you do is what honors you.                                        That's why you put your ideas into a meaningful way, and don't take one mistake from the other.  You learned a lot of meaningful things at school, and you've certainly heard the saying.                  The family is the smallest unit in the state, and the state has advantages for that.                                 But without an application, you will also learn, you can no longer save money with the state today. That's why don't shy away from a battle with the forms.                                                                       This is always there, from birth to death.             You both like to dance, to the cinema, to the concert, common hobby are good and worth a lot. But everyone also needs time for themselves, treats it to the other - don't forget that.                                  I wish you at this point, a harmonious celebration. With humorous, gift-loving guests.                          We don't know what life brings. In any case, happiness, I wish you today.                                                                                                                          Text by Liselotte Salwetter, registrant i. R.



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