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The 2020 pandemic

The 2020 pandemic

The Corona Virus - called Covid 19,

ignited and unfolded in a distant land.

Today, with globally networked mankind,

it has terrified the world.

The spread of aerosols,

Familiar to most people now.

Wearing a mask, keeping your distance, observing hygiene regulations,

are now obligations for everyone.

It's over, the carefree life and travel,

the social contacts - limited.

It's hard to believe,

does the virus want to rob us of our freedom?

Some of the people don't accept that,

with the dance on the volcano they show carelessness.

It's okay with the virus, it's ready at all times.

How do we get out of this vicious circle?

The magic word is: Vaccine,

it kills it!

Then you hope everything goes on as before.

Hope dies last, everything else would be difficult.

The 'old' virtues as they are called could help us.

Forgotten by the majority of people,

fallen victim to egoism.

Terms such as: respect, consideration, tolerance and solidarity

would be important, for everything that comes next.

The next crisis, which is already in the neck of mankind,

only to be overcome together, that's clear!

The alternative to that
Humanity is doing away with itself!



W.Bührle, Übersetzung Th. Bührle

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