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The change 2020

Fridays For Future,

that's the name of the youth protest.

Change the world for the better

if you let them.

It's pretty late

maybe too late to turn back.

The elderly lack courage, will and strength,

to defend oneself against the mighty.

The wages of the hands

is often not enough for life

brings mockery and scorn.

The quick money

is in the foreground.

With gamblers, gamblers and speculators,

your world is all about profit maximization.

Pocket the bonuses

and charges losses to the general public.

Everything the same - centuries already.

Losers go out EMPTY

Winners get the PAY.

Genetic engineering in the future

Created a new type of person

Durable, error-free and designed for specific tasks.

Controlled by programs,

guided by algorithms.

Who reaps the laurels,

who benefits from it?

It will be an elite

she reaps the reward.

Artificial intelligence at some point

slips away from people, becomes independent.

Then who's in charge?

Well then good night!

Man abolishes himself

the machine rules.

One can only hope that young and old,

find a way out together.

Change the world and the future for the better!

The privilege / freedom of youth

Is it - to redesign things.

The privilege / freedom of old age

Is it - to see things more calmly





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