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Franz Anton Fliehler

geb.28.12.1805 gestorben 08.04.1849

Katharina Fliehler geb. Bührle ,wieder verheiratet am 24.09.1849 mit Christian Kienz ,1852 mit den 4 Kindern nach Amerika ausgewandert

Zur Geschichte: Mitte April 2018 erhielt ich nachfolgende E Mail über unseren Hompage Kontakt von Ellen Fliehler einer Nachfahrin des Franz Anton Fliehler aus Kappel/Rhein

Hello! I am looking for information on my Fliehler family from Kappel am Rhein. Franciscus Antonius Fliehler was born in 1805. He married Katharina Bührle in 1833. Their son Anton Fliehler is my great grandfather. Katharina later married Christian Kienz. They and Amelia, Catherine, Isidor, and Anton Fliehler immigrated to the United States in 1852. They later settled in St. Sebald area in Clayton County, Iowa, USA. I am from this area too. I notice that the article from Bührle. Could be we are related. Would be interested in any information that can be provided. I have enjoyed reading about my ancestors homeland. But I needed Google to translate. Thank you. Ellen Fliehler



Quelle/Info: Ellen Fliehler, USA

Bearbietet: W.Bührle

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